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Shymkent’s budget grown by 110 times during years of independence

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by December 16, 2016 Legal


According to him, the first time since independence in an area of ​​13 thousand hectares 400 thousand people lived. Today Shymkent’s area is ​​117 thousand hectares (the largest city in Kazakhstan) and it is populated by 3902 thousand people.

“The city budget in 1994 was only 1 billion tenge, for today it has grown by 110 times. The amount of investments in the city increased from 459 million tenge to 200 billion tenge. Products that are produced by the companies, rose from 4.9 billion tenge to 265 billion tenge. Over 25 years Shymkent put into operation 965 thousand square meters of residential houses”, the Mayor of the city said.

According to G. Abdrakhimov, for 25 years Shymkent has become one of the favorite cities for business. To date, the city has registered about 75 thousand businesses, more than 136 thousand people working in this field.

In 1991 the city had only 72 schools. Today, 169 thousand students are enrolled in 129 schools of the city. The number of kindergartens has increased from 129 to 383.

The city has reached huge achievements in the areas of culture and sports. In 1991, in the city there were only 52 cultural and 337 sports facilities. According to the end of 2016, these figures rose to 93 and 781 units. For the purpose of development of mass sports the city installed 5 specialized sports grounds “Street workou” and 40 bicycle stations with 200 bicycles. The length of the roads in Shymkent increased from 835 to 2811 km.

“On the whole, thanks to the effective policy of President Nursultan Nazarbayev the level of Shymkent life has improved tenfold. Proof of that was an unemployment in the early 2000s, which was 17.2%. And, despite the fact that the population has doubled, to date, this percentage decreased to 5.2”, the head of the city summed up.





Source: Kazakhtan 2050


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