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Sunday, November 29th, 2020

September 6. Today’s Birthdays

by September 6, 2020 Fun

Today’s Birthdays is the one-stop shop where you can learn about prominent Kazakhstani people who were born on the 6th of September.

Bulat Sultanov (1951) is the state and political figure of Kazakhstan, political analyst, merited figure of kazakhstan.

Born in Almaty is the graduate of the Kirov Kazakh State University, Lomonosov Moscow State University’s postgraduate education.

Margulan Baimukhan (1974) is the Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan.

Born in Almaty region is the graduate of the Diplomatic Academy, Polish Institute of International Relations, Cracow University of Economics, Vancouver University, The University of Hertfordshire.

Has been acting since last December.

Zhanibek Abdrashov (1977) is the Kazakh Ambassador to Hungary.

Born in Almaty is the graduate of the Kazakh State Law University.

Has been serving since last September.


Source: Kazakhstan 2050