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Friday, September 25th, 2020

Senators noted the positive dynamics of law enforcement reform

by January 14, 2020 General

Chairperson of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the judiciary and law enforcement agencies of the Senate of the Parliament Vladimir Volkov and deputy of the Senate Andrey Lukin met with members of the police department of the city Nur-Sultan.

The purpose of the visit of the senators was to clarify changes and additions to a number of legislative acts of the country last year.

Vladimir Volkov in his speech noted that in the framework of improving administrative, criminal legislation, law enforcement and judicial systems , laws have been adopted aimed at improving the level of protection of citizens in criminal proceedings. At the same time, MP told the upper chamber of the adopted amendments , aimed at humanizing and reduction of repressive administrative law.

In addition to clarifying the law aimed at increasing responsibility for rape, poaching, animal husbandry, drug trafficking, drunk driving and other offenses, Senator Andrei Lukin elaborated on changes in the mechanism of social payments, state special benefits, guaranteed social package and targeted social assistance. Particular attention of the participants was directed to issues of compulsory health insurance.

During the meeting with law enforcement officers, parliamentarians noted the positive result of law enforcement reform, which today can be traced to the dynamics of reducing the number of crimes of medium and low gravity, as well as other types of offenses. In turn, this allowed to reduce the level of criminogenic situation in the capital to a minimally safe one.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan