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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

Senators Discussed Improving Economic Crime Laws

by November 15, 2019 Market

The Senate Committee on Constitutional Legislation, the Judicial System and Law Enforcement Agencies held a field meeting in the Committee for Financial Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan on countering the shadow economy and improving legislation in the field of countering economic crimes.

The event was attended by deputies of the Senate, representatives of the judicial board for criminal cases of the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry of Finance, the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”, non-governmental organizations.

Opening the meeting, Senate Committee Secretary Kanatbek Safinov emphasized that the purpose and tasks of the retreat are to discuss the state of protection of constitutional rights of citizens, improve the law enforcement aspects of the Committee for Financial Monitoring, ensure the inevitability of the state’s reaction to any offenses in the field of economy and finance, and quickly and fully disclose crimes , exposure and criminal prosecution of persons who committed them, crime prevention and interaction Thy with citizens in the fight against crime.

Kazakhstan occupies a special geopolitical place in the world, has a dynamically developing market economy, is located in the cross-border proximity of a number of countries and acts as a transit corridor in the turnover of world trade. The issues of counteracting the legalization (laundering) of illegal proceeds and blocking the sources of financing of illegal operations is becoming very relevant, the senator said.

According to K. Safinov, one of the extremely important aspects of the fight against laundering of illegal proceeds, financing of illegal and illegal operations is the creation of mechanisms to suppress negative actions both at the national and international levels.

During the meeting, the results of the Economic Investigation Service of the Committee on Financial Monitoring of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2019, issues of interaction with law enforcement agencies on internal state audit, the state of legality of the pre-trial investigation of economic crimes and other relevant topics of the financial system of the Republic of Kazakhstan were examined.

According to the representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office, only for 9 months of 2019, criminal prosecution on rehabilitative grounds was terminated for 87 people and acquittals were issued, 13 materials of pre-trial investigation were unreasonably registered in ERDR, and 522 unjustified decisions were canceled by prosecutors. In this regard, the deputy group drew the attention of law enforcement agencies about the need to ensure the constitutional rights of citizens and minimize the involvement of innocents in the orbit of criminal prosecution.

According to the results of the visiting meeting of the Committee, a conclusion was made to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan