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Senators considered a bill on the procedure for crossing the Kazakh-Russian state border by residents of border areas

by September 17, 2019 Fun

At an expanded meeting of the Committee on Foreign Relations, Defense and Security, a draft Law on ratification of the Protocol amending the intergovernmental Agreement between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation on the procedure for crossing the Kazakh-Russian state border by residents of the border territories of Kazakhstan and Russia of October 3, 2006 was considered .

The protocol was completed in the city of Petropavlovsk on November 9, 2018.

In accordance with the current Agreement, citizens of Kazakhstan, when crossing the border, must have an identity card or passport , as well as an extract from the register of citizens. Ledger registration of citizens in Kazakhstan is, abolished in 2011 . In this regard, Article 1 of the Protocol amends, according to which an identity document (passport) must be accompanied by a document confirming registration at a permanent place of residence in a settlement of the border territory (address certificate) issued by an authorized state body.

The adoption of the Protocol will streamline the process of crossing citizens of Kazakhstan living in the border areas with Russia, the state border and will contribute to the preservation and further development of economic, cultural and other traditional ties between the two countries.

A number of issues related to the inconvenience of citizens and traffic jams when crossing the state border were raised by the Chairman of the relevant Committee, Mukhtar Kul-Muhammed. He recalled that during the Committee’s visiting meetings under the leadership of Dariga Nursultanovna, particular attention was paid to the development of the infrastructure of checkpoints on the Kazakh-Russian border.

According to Darhan Dilmanov, director of the Border Guard Service, the situation has objective reasons, which should improve significantly with the adoption of the Roadmap for creating the necessary border infrastructure on the Kazakh-Russian section of the State Border, as well as the signing of bilateral documents the other day with the Russian side.

In his speech, Senator Nurzhan Nursipatov noted that the adoption of the Protocol will contribute to the further development of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Russia, simplifying the crossing of the Kazakh-Russian state border by residents of border territories.

The document has been submitted to the Chamber.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan