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Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

Senators B.Aytimova, N.Kylyshbayev and T.Mukashev met with residents of Almaty rgn

by August 26, 2017 Fun

In Yeskeldy district, the senators got acquainted with the work of the limited partnership “Khilnichenko and C”. The enterprise unites 13 peasant farms on an area of 4,091 hectares, has a staff of more than 500 employees. Here a full cycle of agricultural, cattle-breeding and processing industries are organized. The deputies met with the collective of the association, told about the main goals and tasks of President’s Address to the people of Kazakhstan and answered the questions of the working people.

Also, the senators met with the collective of the farm “Taizhanov”.

At secondary school of Zhetysu village in Yeskeldy district, the deputies informed the teaching staff about the current situation in the secondary education system and also got acquainted with the material base of the institution.

The senators also visited the city of Tekeli, got acquainted with the progress of construction of the new building and student campuses of the Central Asian University and the steel plant “Bapy Mining” LLP.

In Taldykorgan the Senate deputies met with Governor of Almaty region A.Batalov, got acquainted with the work of a number of social objects of the city: the Youth Service Center, the city multiprofile hospital and the children’s entertainment centers on the comfortable embankment of the Karatal river.

In Sarkand district, the senators visited the medical outpatient clinic in the village of Almaly and the Sarkand Humanitarian College, met with the residents.

In Kapchagai, the senators met with the team of “Knauf Gips Kapchagai” LLP, inspected the park and the center of sports complexes. The senators met and spoke with the deputies of maslikhats, employees of akimats, representatives of law enforcement bodies and mass media, heads of peasant farms.

In Talgar the deputies of the upper chamber of Parliament held a meeting with the staff of “Bayserke Agro” LLP.

During the meetings of the deputies with the population, the main provisions of President’s Address “Third Modernization of Kazakhstan: Global Competitiveness” were explained, the content of the article of the President “Bolashak Badar: Rukhani Zhangyru” was discussed. The participants of the meeting were informed about Senate’s legislative and international activities conducted by Parliament. In particular, Chairwoman of the Committee for Social and Cultural Development and Science B. Aytimova highlighted the innovations in the legislation on social security of country’s population, the obligatory system of medical insurance, the state educational funded system, culture, physical culture and sports.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050