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Friday, September 18th, 2020

Senator Sarsenbay Ensegenov took part in the meeting of the IPA CIS Permanent Commission for the Study of State Building and Local Self Government Experience

by November 21, 2019 Market

Senator Sarsenbay Ensegenov in St. Petersburg took part in a meeting of the IPA CIS Permanent Commission to study the experience of state building and local self government.

At the meeting, deputy chairmen of the commission were elected. The commission’s members are presented with draft model Electoral Code for the CIS member states, model laws On parliamentary control, On regional investment projects, On state awards, a comparative legal analysis of anti crisis regulation tools, as well as the Concept of sustainable and safe development for the CIS member states.

The members of the commission discussed the results of the round table discussion Democratic foundations of local self government, promising areas of their activities in the field of model lawmaking, a work plan for 2020 and proposals for a long term plan for model lawmaking for the next period.

As part of the event, a meeting was held of a working group to develop a draft dictionary of terms and concepts used in the preparation of legislative acts in the field of state building and local self government.

The report of the All Russian Congress of Municipalities on the state of local self government, the prospects for its development and proposals for improving the organization of local self government in the Russian Federation is also presented to the participants of the meeting .

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan