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Senator M. Baktiyaruly: We are Preparing our Proposals to Reduce the Credit Rate for SMEs

by March 31, 2020 General

Since March 16 this year, a state of emergency has been imposed in Kazakhstan by Head of State Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection. To date, several republican cities, as well as regional centers are closed for quarantine. Medical workers and police officers have switched to an enhanced mode of work. All organizations in the quarantine zones are temporarily closed, except for retail stores, pharmacies, etc.

In this regard, Deputy of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Committee on Social and Cultural Development and Science Murat Baktiyaruly shared his opinion.

“Many countries are at an impasse because of the virus that has engulfed the entire world. This situation has not spared our country. In connection with this situation, the President and the Government take concrete measures. Thus, Nur-Sultan and Almaty have been closed for quarantine, and a number of regional centers have been closed since yesterday. This is the right decision, since the only way to get rid of the coronavirus is to isolate yourself. In this situation, the main difficulties are experienced by medical workers. In addition, police officers play a special role. The work of these people has been switched to an enhanced mode, they work 24 hours a day.  The work of citizens working in a state of emergency is particularly commendable. I would also like to note and thank the people who provide residents with products and other goods of daily use,” M. Baktiyaruly said.

The Senator also noted that the deputies of the Senate support the proposal to increase the salary of medical workers and pay them bonuses.

“Many countries take prompt decisions in connection with the state of emergency. In particular, special conditions are created for doctors who work tirelessly. Senators have great respect for the work of medical workers and fully support the proposal to provide them with assistance,” the Deputy said.

Murat Baktiyaruly also spoke about the work of deputies in online mode.

“We have been working remotely for the last two weeks. We review draft laws online and use special chats to discuss them. The activities of the Senate continues. By the way, from April 9 to 30, we will have to ratify several draft laws that relate to the financial sphere, internal migration and labor. If you need to get information from the Ministry’s employees, we invite only one specialist or developer who gives answers to all our questions, or we make our proposals through him/her. We also receive instructions from the Chairman online and respond online,” the Senator said.

In addition, the Senator spoke about the termination of small and medium-sized businesses in connection with the introduction of the state of emergency.

“Unfortunately, this epidemic causes damage not only to the health of citizens of many countries, but also has a negative impact on the economy. Today, according to my personal calculations, about 1 million people in Kazakhstan are out of work. Of course, this is a very significant indicator. A Commission specially established under the Government takes appropriate measures on this issue. Senators also discuss this issue. Devaluation of the national currency, the coronavirus and the introduction of quarantine have had a great impact on small and medium-sized businesses.  There is a need for the Government to consider the possible exemption of small and medium-sized businesses from VAT for the 1st and 2nd quarters of 2020, and from the 3rd and 4th quarters to reduce their VAT by 6-7 %. In addition, many recommendations come from entrepreneurs. In their opinion, employers should be exempted from paying pension, income and social taxes for 6 months, while they are ready to pay 3.5% of social payments, 2% of compulsory health insurance and pay a contribution of 1%. At the moment, we are developing recommendations, which we plan to send to the Government,” M. Baktiyaruly said.





Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan