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Senate has Ratified a Number of International Agreements


A meeting of the Senate of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held under the chairmanship of D. Nazarbayeva.

At the session of the Senate, the deputies of the Upper Chamber elected N. Abdikanov, M. Bekturganov and Sh.Daniyarova as judges of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The newly elected judges took the oath.

Further, termination of powers of U.Shapak, a member of the Constitutional Council of Kazakhstan, nominated by the Senate, was discussed, as well as her appointment to the position of member of the Constitutional Council for a new term of the constitutional powers. In addition, the deputies adopted a Resolution on the termination of powers and dismissal of B. Meldeshov, a member of the Central Election Commission.

During the meeting, an Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation on Baikonur complex gas supply was ratified. The draft Law was presented by the Minister of Energy N. Nogayev. According to him, 328 multi-apartment and 45 private houses, 3 kindergartens, 5 secondary schools, and a multi-field hospital have been gasified in Baikonur.

At the meeting of the Upper House, senators ratified the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan on cooperation in the fight against illegal migration. According to the Minister of Internal Affairs who submitted the Agreement, Ye. Turgumbayev, the adoption of this Law will allow to settle issues related to dual citizenship and illegal migration, will not entail negative socio-economic and legal consequences and will not require additional financial expenses. In turn, the Deputy A. Nuraliyev expressed concern about the possibility that among the migrants there may be persons who are sought by the intelligence agencies and pose a threat to the security of Kazakhstan.

Deputies of the Chamber considered the issue of ratification of the Ninth Additional Minutes to the Charter of the Universal Postal Union.

The draft law will improve the development of communication between countries through the effective functioning of postal services and the promotion of the international cooperation goals in the cultural, social and economic fields by authorized representatives of the governments of the contracting countries, as well as encourage the development of high-quality, affordable, universal postal services.

Senator B. Yelamanov, when discussing the issue, drew attention to the problem of providing rural settlements with postal services, noting that the post office in rural areas provides also both financial and banking services: rural residents receive pensions and benefits, as well as pay for utilities. Deputy M. Kul-Mukhammed raised the issue of increasing prices for subscription of print media and suggested to reduce the cost of delivery of printed publications in the Kazakh language to save the circulation of newspapers. Dariga Nazarbayeva supported the importance of the raised issue, noting that “this is not only an economic issue, but also an ideological one. Newspapers are literally forced to survive, they have very little profit,” she said.

The senators also adopted the Law “On Ratificationof the Agreement by an exchange of notes on a procedure for recognition of the official documents confirming residency, issued by the authorized bodiesof the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the Convention between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Armenia on avoidance of double taxation and prevention of tax evasion with respect to taxes on income and property and its Minutes dated November 6, 2006”.

During the session of the Senate, a number of Deputy requests were heard, which touched upon the problems of environmental security, the activities of the local police service, issues on education, etc.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan