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by February 25, 2020 General

In preparation for the Parliamentary hearings on the topic: Kazakhstan’s light industry: current state and prospects for the development of high performance business, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Economic Policy, Innovative Development and Entrepreneurship Serik Dzhaksybekov and Committee member Manap Kubenov visited a number of enterprises in Almaty, reports with reference to the Senate press service.

The Senate deputies visited the Kazakh Modern Professional Cloth New LLP garment factory, which produces outerwear under the Zibroo brand, as well as EleGant headwear manufacturing company.

While visiting the garment factory, which is a supplier of sportswear for the Olympic and Paralympic national team of Kazakhstan, deputies were introduced to the training process at the sewing school. The Senate deputies stressed the need for wider use of Kazakh raw materials in the production of clothing.

Also, at the enterprises of Zhetysu and Almaty Tannery+ LLP, deputies got familiarized with the process of manufacturing shoe products and processing cattle hides into finished products semi finished chrome tanning Wetblue, leather Crust, and also finished leather. The management of the tannery informed the deputies about the readiness of domestic enterprises to meet the need for shoe manufacturers in high quality leather.

The tanners complained about the quality of the supplied raw materials cattle skins, which are often delivered with defects, thus increasing the percentage of unused material.

The Senate deputies also paid a visit to the textile factory of Universal Advertising Advertisement Production Company, where they discussed the problematic issues of development of light industry with entrepreneurs in Almaty. During the discussion, Senator Serik Dzhaksybekov noted that business needs to focus on the production of goods that are in demand among the general population, not focusing only on ensuring public procurement.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050