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Senate Committee considered draft law on forensic activitie

by January 23, 2017 Health

The document provides the transfer of government functions on forensic examinations in health care system to the Ministry of Justice. It is assumed to develop the institute of private forensics through the formation of the House of forensic experts, the press service of the Senate reports.

Also, there are measures to improve the legal protection of individuals and organizations involved in the process of manufacture of judicial examination.

The draft law regulates the rights and duties of the forensic examination body and its director, experts involved under the license. The features of the sole, commission and complex forensic examinations are defined. Their production, objects of study, dates, to the content of the expert opinion demands have been determined. Project standards establish guarantees of rights and legitimate interests of persons in respect of which the examination is held.

Also, the meeting discussed the accompanying bill “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on forensic activities”. The provisions of this document are aimed to bring the legislation into conformity with the norms of the draft law “On forensic activities”.

The bill amends the Criminal Procedure and Civil Procedure Codes, and the Code of Administrative Offences and the Code on people’s health and the health care system, as well as the laws “On the Republic of Kazakhstan National Security Bodies”, “On Noncommercial Organizations” and “On permissions and notifications”.

The bills have been submitted to the House.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050