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Secretary Michael R. Pompeo Remarks to the Press

by April 8, 2020 General

They need to decide based upon their own circumstances.  Am I going to stay?  Am I going to go?  And we’re hearing people coming forward in some places who are saying, “I’m good for now.  Come back and ask me in May.”  No, no.  They need to decide now.  We are not going to continue running these chartered flights indefinitely.  That’s why, as Kylie was asking, we’re moving to expand the capacity pool, but people need to decide now.

MS ORTAGUS:  Anybody else?  No?  Okay.  Thanks, guys.

QUESTION:  Just a follow-up – you’ve given some pretty stark advice to people before.  It’s been pretty hard-hitting.

MS ORTAGUS:  I think she wants the tsunami example.  (Laughter.)

QUESTION:  Yeah.  (Laughter.)


MR BROWNLEE:  All right.  (Laughter.)

MS ORTAGUS:  On camera, please.

MR BROWNLEE:  All right, on camera, the tsunami example, okay.  Picture you’re in Indonesia in whatever it was, 2004.  You’re on the beach.  You see the water going away after the earthquake.  Do you stand there waiting for the tsunami to come back or do you head for the hills?  You head for the hills now.  You don’t wait on the beach hoping to be rescued later.  Decide now.  These are individual decisions.  People are empowered to make their own decisions.  If they’re going to get them – if they decide they’re in harm’s way, they need to take steps now to get themselves out of harm’s way.

MS ORTAGUS:  Thank you, Ian.  Thanks, guys.

MR BROWNLEE:  Thank you.  Thank you all.