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Scientific advances depend on the integration into the economy: I.Tasmagambetov

by November 4, 2016 General

It should be noted that the International Council for Science and Commercialization was established in the framework of the joint project of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and the World Bank “Promoting productive innovation.”

The council includes 2 Kazakh and 5 foreign experts: Askar Aryngazin, Ayup Iskakov, Thomas A. Cellucci, Azoulay Eric Calais, Chanbasha Bashir, Martin Emil, Mehdi Majidi.

I.Tasmagambetov focused on developing projects in trendy areas like renewable energy, nano and biotechnology, robotics.

Vice Prime Minister stressed that “priority projects are the aerospace field, in view of the prospective Baikonur cosmodrome’s international status.”

“It is not me who should talk about the importance of science for any state. And how this area will be developed and integrated into the economy, the success of the whole country. During the years of independence, with the direct support of the President, and thanks to the success of the international financial institutions, that amount of funds is allocated in the development of science for the first time. In this regard, it is important to understand that from a competent and efficient implementation the work on the development of domestic science depends on commensurate funding for research in the future,” I. Tasmagambetov said.

During the meeting, it was also noted that one of the components of the project involves the creation of innovation consortia of industrial and social sectors to address urgent problems and improve living standards by improving social services.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan