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Saudi Minister To Announce “Soon” Results Of Probe Into Oil Plants Attack

by September 22, 2019 Market

Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Adel al Jubeir, said, results of the probe into the attack on oil plants, to be announced soon.

In a press conference held in Riyadh, he blamed Iran for standing behind the attack that affected international oil markets, adding, the attack on the plants in the Eastern Province, targeted not only Saudi Arabia but the global energy security.

We have asked the United Nations to send their experts, and some countries are involved in the investigation, in which the results would be announced soon, he said, highlighting the probe aims to determine the source of the attack.

Jubeir confirmed that the attack wasn’t from Yemen but from the north.

The minister revealed that, Saudi Arabia, so far, had been targeted by more than 260 Iranian made missiles and 150 drones.