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Friday, September 18th, 2020

SALSGIR director, UN Special Rapporteur discuss situation of human rights in Kyrgyzstan

by December 9, 2019 Study

The meeting of Director of the State Agency for Local-Self Government and Inter-Ethnic Relation (SALSGIR) under the Government of Kyrgyzstan Bakhtiyar Saliyev with Fernand de Varennes, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Minority Issues, took place Monday, Dec.9, 2019, the press service of the SALSGIR said.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Persons Belonging to National or Ethnic, Religious and Linguistic Minorities and to learn about best practices on minority issues in Kyrgyzstan.

The sides discussed the state of inter-ethnic relations, the situation of human rights in the country, the work of the public receptions and the SALSGIR Monitoring Center.

In the course of the meeting, Chairman Saliyev told about the work of the Agency, about the results of the Concept of Strengthening the National Unity and Interethnic Relations for 2013-2017.

Bakhtiyar Saliyev also informed Fernand de Varennes about the draft of the Civil integration Concept Kyrgyz Jarany (Kyrgyz Citizen), which provides for the integration of citizens into a single political community while preserving and developing the ethnic, linguistic and cultural identity of representatives of different ethnic groups.

In turn, Fernand de Varennes told about his mission and work to determine the situation and status of minorities.

At the end, the UN Special Rapporteur noted the transparent process of his work will form the basis of document, to be presented to the Kyrgyz Government, and then- at the press conference.

The final report of Fernand de Varennes’ mission will be presented at the UN Human Rights Council.

Source: Kyrgyz National News Agency