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Sairam district delivers 11K tons of meat to Kazakhstani markets annually

by April 17, 2017 Key Issues

The population of Sairam district is more than 200 thousand people. The residents of the district are engaged in breeding livestock and growing vegetables. Nowadays, 172 fattening areas contain 28 thousand heads of cattle. At these feeding grounds the slaughter is carried out twice a year. Thus, at 65 slaughter stations 65,000 cattle are slaughtered, and about 11,000 tons of meat are delivered to the Kazakhstani markets.

One of these large fattening grounds is the agricultural cooperative “Kurvantai Ata”, located in Mankent rural district. Here since 2014 annually more than 300 tons of beef meat have been produced. In 2015, the construction of the fattening complex was completed fully, where the number of cattle heads reached 700.

It should be noted that the meat produced is sold in the local markets, as well as in Almaty, Kyzylorda and Baikonur.

In addition, around 400 small fattening grounds for 10-15 heads work in the district, and for the production of milk, 78 family dairy farms have been built for 10-15 heads.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050