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by January 29, 2019 Legal

The main requirements for the products used in the entire technical regulation are to ensure the safety of buildings and structures related to the properties of the construction products. Required security may be provided when used for construction purposes and whose main characteristics meet the stated objectives.

Construction materials, products (including imported) customer documentation: operating instructions, quality certification, compliance certificate, compliance declaration, technical or regulatory documentation, and other documentation required for the assessment of potential risks of injury and safety precautions.

In addition, a declaration of conformity registered in the registry is an official document certifying compliance with the product safety requirements. The producer uses the turnover product declaration and the manufacturer declares other target indicators, and the product is not dangerous for certain purposes.

For the purposes of security, this technical regulation establishes the minimum requirements for the safety of construction sites and construction products for the protection of life and health of people and animals, property protection and environmental protection, and establishes minimum requirements for consumers (consumers) in construction sites and construction the purpose and safety of its products, the elimination of technical barriers to trade.

Requirements for construction products – products, collections, building houses and public buildings, including individual orders, which are put into circulation on the common customs territory of the Customs Union.

Use of built-in building products shall be subject to designation, assembly, use and maintenance instructions as well as, if appropriate, designated in the marking, taking into account the permissible limitations established by the manufacturer;

Construction and installation works on construction and assembly works are performed by customer-investor (construction, construction, production of construction materials, products and constructions, manufacturer’s instructions for assembly, including installation and assembly charts for construction and installation works) according to design and estimate documentation need.

Before buying construction products, you need to look at the labeling. Every building product sold in the territory of a Member State of the Customs Union shall be established in the Russian language, and if it has the respective requirements in its legislation, its state language. It should be marked by the product circulation mark on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the prescribed manner.

Technical requirements The image of the mark of compliance shall be established by the authorized body in the field of technical regulation.

Identification of construction objects and construction products on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out before the use of construction objects, project documentation, construction materials and products on the market. Circulation of the product on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan for construction materials and construction materials is about the technical passport of the construction object, the title page of the general explanatory note for the project documentation, the express documentation (document) for construction materials, as well as on construction materials or the attached operational documents. The circulation of the product on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall be applied in any way that ensures its safety during the entire life of the structure, design documentation, construction materials and products.

The mark must be printed on a firmly labeled fabric label on the paper label (s) or on the assembled accumulated construction material product. Packaging is used for unassembled construction materials. Stamping, stamping, burning, forcibly stamping can also be applied, as well as special seal imprints of individual parts of the mark.

It is important to know that the duration of the product storage or the non-compliance of the product for the construction materials and the needs of the citizens, unsafe package and packaging (in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents), a complete set of user documentation.

To ensure that the noise protection requirements are met, the noise taken on the construction site or on the construction site should be designed to avoid a healthier level of health and to avoid a satisfactory sleep, rest and working conditions.

If the product is included in the product list, certified by certification / declaration, the CA CU certificate / declaration is mandatory. Without it, it is impossible to produce and sell products in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.