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S.Tuyakbaev: High interest of foreign investors in Kazakhstan’s projects – the result President’s visits

by April 6, 2018 World Sports

With the support of Kazakh Invest together with foreign investors, it is planned to start construction of 67 projects worth $7.1 billion in 2018 with the creation of more than 13.5 thousand jobs. Thus, according to the results of the first quarter, 6 projects have been implemented, construction of 12 projects started, the launch of 58 projects is planned.

“It should be noted that Kazakh Invest is focusing not only on foreign investors, but also supports the initiatives of Kazakh investors. They are provided with diverse assistance. Road maps have been formed. In general, there are 180 projects under the control of Kazakh Invest,” Saparbek Tuyakbaev said.

Kazakh Invest Chairman noted the high interest of foreign investors in Kazakhstan projects.

“This is the result of the agreements reached during the working visits of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev,” S. Tuyakbaev emphasized.

Currently Kazakh Invest is working to attract investments in 50 niche projects developed together with Deloitte, which already have ready business plans, marketing research and conditions for implementation.

“There are already some successes in this direction. To date, potential foreign investors from the UAE, Turkey have expressed interest in the implementation of some projects,” Saparbek Tuyakbaev said in the course of the press conference.

In addition, Kazakh Invest plans to prepare another 50-60 projects this year jointly with domestic and international companies. Mostly the projects are in the oil and gas industry, chemistry, food industry, agriculture, metallurgy, machine building. The peculiarity of these projects is be that they will be prepared not based on pallid statistics, but together with private entrepreneurs themselves.

Official representative offices of Kazakh Invest NC started their activity in five countries. In May this year it is planned to open representative offices in three more countries. In addition, close work is being done with the Embassies Kazakhstan in other countries.

Responding to journalists’ questions about the attraction of TNCs to Kazakhstan, Saparbek Tuyakbaev noted that work with TNCs has been systematized to date.

“We are planning to apply a new approach to this work. The involvement of TNCs is not only a presentation and negotiations. First, there is a need in preparatory work. We need specific projects, as well as potential local partners. We must provide possible financial instruments. Only after the completion of these negotiations does TNC come to Kazakhstan. We have systematized this work. We have a task � to attract 10 TNCs by the end of the year. We are now working in this direction,” the Head of the company said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan