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by September 30, 2019 Legal

The Forum of rural women of the region was held in Abay, Karaganda region. The forum was held under the auspices of the National Commission for Women and Family and Demographic Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The traditional feature of the forum is about the achievements of the delicate creatures who took part in the parade “My Success Story”

Saltanat Rakhimbekova, chairman of the Green Economy and Coalition for GGlobal Development, said today that one of the priority directions of state policy is sustainable rural development and improved living standards.

“Rural raising is a new priority for Kazakhstan’s economic policy. The main problem of the Kazakh villages is the low income of the rural population. It is very important to add the head of rural women. Among them are rural governors, school principals and heads of farms. They can share experiences with each other, “S. Rakhimbekova said.

For example, Yelnur Mukhamediyar, a mother of many children from the Nura district, said that today’s meeting has a positive effect on all of us, and will give us a new impetus and impetus to the initiatives.

“My name is Elnur Mukhamediyar. I’m 35 years old, born in Balkhash town. I came to the Nura district for 16 years. We have 5 children. In Astana, we worked as a manager of an accountant, chief accountant, audit team in corporations, small businesses, and moved to our village with a 4th birthday baby. Later in time, as you know, in my village, my children have come to the conclusion that they do not have the opportunity to live up to date and live in an interesting way. I’ve been dreaming of opening a private minicenter for children’s development in Nura district for three years now, because I am a mother of many children. I took part in entrepreneurship trainings and certificates from the government and received certificates. The project was created twice for the oblast akim’s grant,

Also, thanks to the grant from the European Union of 1 million 200 thousand tenge, on March 1, 2010, the Small Development Center opened its doors to the children of the district.

“In our center children aged 25 attend classes on the development of speech abilities, while pupils of 04 classes participate in extended day groups and additional education classes. Nowadays, due to late childhood development, many parents in the region are in need of a speech therapist and further development, “he said.

In addition, elementary school pupils receive additional education, explaining that they have homework on extended day classes, homework, and homework.

“This is also a great help to working parents. On April 6, an additional therapist with children began to work. There are 3 people employed in the Center. Parents’ words are endless. I am currently studying StartBusiness and want to receive a certificate. I still hope to contribute to the further development of our region. My children are my colleagues !!!! I’ve learned to cook cakes and participate in master classes, as they prepare a sweet and beautiful cake for their birthday. I decided to open an open cafeteria with the existing grants. I consider it a great support to families with many children who are taking part in such projects and having targeted social assistance from the government. Let’s make every effort for the bright future of ourselves and our descendants, “he said.

A young entrepreneur from Aktogay village Gulden Kerimbai said that he started his trade with Bauyrsak baking.

“I did not have a special place to cook and sell confectionery in Aktogai, and I received a grant from the Akim for the further development of my business and received a grant in 2017. Since then, I have opened a shop and sells fresh products at a more affordable price. I am currently working on a wedding party. I also work with the people. I also work with a craft for young cats, cakes, cookies and other cookies for the purpose of encouraging young people to work. I’ve created two master classes for young people to support young people. This year, I got married and became a daughter of a family. In the future, I also need to carry out the necessary work to further develop my profession and achieve my goals. Nowadays, the young people go to the city, saying that they have no job in the village. I do not think so. Because now all the conditions for the development of the village are created. It is necessary to work only “, said G. Kerimbai.

He also told that the district akim annually allocates grants to support young entrepreneurs.

“I hope that the youth will benefit from this assistance and will contribute to the development of the village, opening their own business in the countryside,” he said.

Farida Arystanbekova, a native of Shet district, head of the farm “Arai”, says that since 2005 she has organized a farm “Arai” in our area and is still leading the farm.

“Currently, there are 10 horses, 60 livestock and 100 small cattle in the farm. At the same time, as a feed for these animals, there are 200 hectares of hay land and 100 hectares of land. Three tractors are provided with spare parts in my carrier. The state today is very supportive of all small and mediumsized businesses. In this regard, I received a certificate from the “Atameken” Chamber of Entrepreneurs for the first month. In the nearest future, Atameken will be able to get 6% 3 mln. I plan to increase the number of livestock and increase the livestock population. During the popularization of Kazakh national cuisine, I took the products produced by EXPO2017 in the main city of the country in 2017. And I regularly bring these products on behalf of the district to events held in NurSultanKaraganda on the occasion of the “AuylBereke” fair held every time. In 2007, we made major repairs in the villages of Kyzylkoy village and the village of Turner. It is my responsibility to take good care of all kinds of charity activities without giving up on charity events. And today, I continue to do the same thing as ours, “he said.

In turn, Saule Amanzholova, the head of the Orken Saule public association, told me that my heart was in operation in 2012, and I did not want to work in school because I was unemployed for five years.

“In 2017, I started working as a unemployed through the employment exchange and started working on a contract. So I went back to work and wanted to contribute to the improvement of my village. Every corner of the village is hot for me, and every person is familiar to me, and I decided to solve their problems. I felt the need to move to a new stage in my life. Kengir village is located in the center of Zhezkazgan and Satpayev. At that time, the name of the village was named because of the current religious people who went to Syria. As a matter of fact, my heart was upset, and I was worried about how to help my fellow villagers. My villagers, who went into a negative religious movement, The mayor’s office advised me to take this opportunity to come to the traditional way, first of all, by the village elders and white mothers. If the city’s akimat is involved with theologians, we have worked together with the elders of the village to work with each family individually. Thus, my first step towards social work has begun “, S.Amanzholova said.

The entrepreneur also opened the school of “Ak qushik mothers” from the grandmothers of Kengir village, saying that tradition and tradition began to promote Kazakh education.

“In 2018, I opened the OrkenSaule Public Association and began to carry out various socially important public orders. I also wanted to support my family and to help others. To date, I have opened two large centers, one of which is the social project the Women’s Center “Ulagat” with the order of the internal policy department of Zhezkazgan and the second is the Center for Children Development in Kengir village through the grant of the NGO “Eco Center”. In the “Ulagat” girls’ center there are rehabilitated children affected by the negative religious trends, teaching our girls to Kazakh traditions, teaching them how to cook confectionery and sewing, thus teaching them to earn a living at home.

It’s worth noting that delegates from the forum of women from rural areas will be selected and will take part in the second forum of rural women of Kazakhstan, which will be held on November 78, 2019 in NurSultan.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050