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Roman Sklyar: “The production of exactly those goods necessary for the population will be financed”


The MIID RK set a course for creating competitive industries to meet the needs of the population and replacing imports of socially important food products, and only the production of goods necessary for the population would be financed.

With regard to the selection of goods in this program, we predict the development of the production of about 360 goods that are used daily by Kazakhstanis such as building materials, finishing materials, clothing, household chemicals, furniture, mattresses, electronics, food, etc. The list of goods was determined using A number of criteria is primarily a high dependence on imports, the availability of domestic raw materials, the availability of necessary technologies and competencies, said the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development glare Kazakhstan Roman Sklyar.

According to Roman Sklar, taking into account the regulatory requirements of the National Bank, all loans for business, including at the expense of banks’ own funds, are issued taking into account the classification of economic activities.

However, a single code of an activity may contain a multitude of goods, not all of which will be appropriately maintained. In this regard, together with the type of economic activity, the program will finance only the production of certain types of goods, this will allow more effectively and targeted financing of precisely those goods that are necessary for the population.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan