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Roman Sklyar: By the end of 2019, we expect to adopt Nurly Zhol, Nurly Zher, Industrial and Innovative Development state programs for 2020-2025


At a press conference following the Government session, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Roman Sklyar reported on measures to implement the president’s electoral program.

As noted by Sklyar, the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development is taking the responsibility in two areas: Affordable Housing and First-Class Infrastructure.

In the implementation of the election program before the end of this year, we have to prepare and adopt three main state programs for 2020�2025: Nurly Zhol, Nurly Zher, Industrial and Innovative Development. Currently, all three programs have been developed and are at the coordination stage, Sklyar said.

Within the framework of the new Nurly Zhol state program, it is planned to reconstruct about 7 thousand km and repair 11 thousand km of roads of republican significance, with the introduction of a payment for 12 thousand km. All types of works (repair, construction and reconstruction) will be carried out at 30 thousand km of local roads.

Thus, the share of republican roads in good and satisfactory condition by 2025 will be increased to 100%, and local values to 95%.

On the instructions of Elbasy in 2018, for the first time, 150 billion tenge was allocated from all sources for the repair and reconstruction of the local road network. In 2019, this figure reached 200 billion tenge. In the period up to 2025, this figure will invariably be maintained. Therefore, this will allow us to bring to a good condition 95% of highways of regional significance, the minister said.

Also, the Nurly Zhol will provide for the construction and reconstruction of 10 airports, terminals, and 16 airfields of local airlines, modernization of about 3 thousand km of the main railway network.

According to the project of the Nurly Zher program, in order to solve acute social problems related to housing, all existing housing programs have been consolidated into a single one, which will contain effective measures to ensure control over construction progress and housing distribution.

Last year we reached record levels of housing commissioning � 12 million square meters of housing. This year, this figure will reach 13 million and will continue to grow, Sklyar informed.

To solve the housing problems of large families under the Nurly Zher program, over 7 years, 350 billion tenge has been allocated for the construction and purchase of rental housing (50 billion tenge annually). This will allow until 2025 to ensure the construction of 40 thousand rental houses, annually at 6 thousand.

The SPIID project has been developed and is currently under negotiation.

The new program will be a transition from industry priorities in favor of industrial export-oriented entrepreneurship. The notion of support of enterprises in all branches of the manufacturing industry will be replaced by the accented incentive of exporters of medium and high-tech goods and services. The declarative principle of support will be changed to the competitive incentive principle. Measures of state incentives will be provided in exchange for the counter obligations of the business to achieve specific results (export growth, modernization, etc.).

All the activities envisaged in the president’s election program are constantly monitored by both the Government and our ministry, and will be implemented on time, Sklyar said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan