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Results of deputies of representative bodies’ election instead of retired were announced at CEC

by March 27, 2017 Market

13 regional, 9 city, 36 district, 58 district and 355 precinct election commissions were involved in the organization and conduct of elections.

“In total during the election campaign 201 candidates were nominated. 50 of them ran for regional, 32 for the city and 119 for the district representative bodies”, – the Deputy Chairman declared.

According to him, 62 candidates by political parties, 139 by self-promotion were nominated.

“188 people were registered by the district election commissions as candidates for deputies of maslikhats. The average competitiveness was about 3 candidates for one deputy mandate. On March 26, a vote at 330 polling stations took place”, – V. Foos said.

The voters’ turnout constituted 77.83%.

“According to the results of the voting, 12 regional deputies, 9 city deputies and 36 deputies of district representative bodies were elected”, – the Deputy Chairman added.

Also, according to CEC, 80% of men and 20% of women are elected as deputies of representative bodies. The average age is 46 years.

“The youngest deputy – 22 years old – was elected in ?1 constituency of Bukhar-Zhyrau district of Karaganda region, the oldest one is 64 – in ?22 electoral district of Taraz representative body”, – V. Foos noted.

The election campaign was held in accordance with the requirements of the electoral law.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050