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Responsibilities of vice premiers and head of Prime Minister’s Office assigned by the Decree of Prime Minister


The Prime Minister is responsible for strategic issues of economic, financial, fiscal and customs policy, the state budget, interstate relations and international cooperation, attracting foreign investment and improving the investment climate, defense, law and order, development of the oil and gas sector, management of state assets. The responsibilities also include issues of the militaryindustrial complex, space activitiesand the Baikonur complex, tourism, communications, digitalization of industries and the development of the digital economy, the implementation of the administrative reform of state bodies, etc.

The activities of the First Deputy Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov include issues of the financial sector, macroeconomic policy, fiscal, tax and customs policy, the system of state planning, trade policy, and the development of small and mediumsized businesses. Smailov is also responsible for the development of publicprivate partnerships, including issues of concessions, regulation of natural monopolies, development of competition and consumer protection, tariff policy, statistics development, project management, reducing administrative barriers for entrepreneurs (Doing Business issues), etc.

The Deputy Prime Minister Gulshara Abdykalikova is assigned the questions of the development of education and science, healthcare, social policy and modernization, employment, interaction of the state and civil society, the state youth and family policy, modernization of public consciousness, ensuring interfaith and interethnic harmony, development of culture and sports, state language, demographic and information policy, information, information and image work both within the country and abroad on the promotion of Kazakhstan’s brand, coordination of the work of trilateral commissions (republican, regional and sectoral) on social partnership and regulation of social and labor relations.

Deputy Prime Minister Zhenis Kassymbek coordinates the operational management of the economy and regional policy, the development of transport infrastructure and logistics, the construction and modernization of the housing and utilities sector, the development of energy conservation and efficiency of renewable energy sources, the coal industry, the atomic industry and nuclear energy. The responsibilities also include the development of industry, innovation, technical regulation, electric power, geology and subsoil use, petrochemistry and export control, the gold mining industry, the implementation of government policy to increase the proportion of local content in the procurement of goods, works and services by organizations and government agencies, environmental protection, use of natural resources, agroindustrial complex, land relations, water resources, forestry and wildlife, emergency situations and mobilization work, preparation for and control through the heating seasons, coordination, development of special economic and industrial zones, etc.

The Head of the Office of the Prime Minister Darkhan Kaletayev is responsible for the issues of informational and analytical, legal, organizational, protocol, documentary, materialtechnical and other support for the activities of the Prime Minister and the Government. The functions also include coordinating the activities of central and local executive bodies, departments in terms of drafting government decisions and organizing their execution, on compliance with state and executive discipline, protecting state secrets and ensuring information security, etc.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan