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Friday, September 25th, 2020

Residents of Taiynsha raised the need to build a school

by January 14, 2020 General

Deputy of the Senate of Parliament Olga Perepechina paid a working visit to the city of Taiynsha and the village of Karagash, Taiynsha district of the North Kazakhstan region. As part of the trip, a meeting was held in the district branch of the NurOtan party, in which the Akim of the district, members of the NurOtan party, deputies of the maslikhat, social workers, and pensioners took part.

During the meeting, the senator informed about the work of the Parliament in 2019 and the adopted amendments that entered into force on January 1, 2020, in the framework of the laws On the status of a teacher and On compulsory social insurance the Administrative Code, new state programs in the field of educational development and science and health. The deputy also clarified the current Program for the Development of Regions until 2025, in particular, about the opportunities provided for by the special project Auyl el bes?g? to improve the quality of life in rural areas, modernize the infrastructure of rural areas and bring them to the parameters of the Regional Standards System.

During the meetings, the participants asked the deputy questions that they were interested in, namely, topical issues were discussed regarding the allocation of funds for the repair of roads of district significance, the need to build a school in the city of Taiynsha with 600 seats and in the village of Vishnevka for 125 seats instead of emergency ones, and the transition to electronic document management in state authorities and guarantees of the safety and confidentiality of data, protection against hacking, the closure of pharmacies in rural areas due to non-compliance with standards and regulations, payment of targeted ialnoy aid, housing, issues of rates for subsoil use, system malfunctions ” ? Auld” when applying for subsidies in agriculture, problems obtaining permission from the Ministry of Agriculture on the import of cattle from abroad and others.

Also n Ossetia emergency secondary school in the village Vishnevka, LLP “Astyk-STEM” in the village Karagash, which specializes in animal husbandry is, and growing and vegetables using drip irrigation. The senator examined the vegetable storehouse, material and technical equipment, new equipment, equipment for growing, storing and sorting vegetables, and also met with the team.

In the building of the Karagash secondary school, a meeting with the villagers took place, at which explanations were given on the changes that came in from January 1, 2020.

On all the questions asked during the meetings with the population, the senator gave clarifications, she took some questions on her personal control.

Source: Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan