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Monday, November 30th, 2020

Representative of MNE RK: On smoking in public places

by January 25, 2019 Legal

The possible ban on smoking in public places of the country, which was vigorously discussed by the population, was commented on in the CCS.

Today it is necessary to admit openly that consumer protection policies need to be revised, there must be some kind of balance. We are today, weakening some things for entrepreneurs, should not forget about the second side – about consumers. Weaken somewhere, we must strengthen somewhere. Today at the interdepartmental commission on legislative drafting activity, at 11 o’clock, the concept of a new law on consumer protection was considered, Aslanbek Dzhakupov, director of the enterprise development department of the Ministry of National Economy, said at a press conference in the CCS.

Aslanbek Dzhakupov also commented on information about a possible ban in Kazakhstan on smoking in all public places.

On smoking in public places – such an initiative has not been received by the MNE. If it arrives, then, of course, it is necessary to study what costs entrepreneurs will entail from such a ban. Every ban is a cost to the business. Without deducting the potential costs for the business and what the benefits of this prohibition will be – it will be wrong to accept such prohibitions. Here, first of all, I urge the business community to actively participate. Because the analysis is considered with the active participation of the business community itself. For example, if you take restaurants, you need to calculate how many restaurants will suffer, what costs will be incurred and whether the benefits will prevail over these costs, said A. Dzhakupov.

In turn, the representative of the business community, Vice President of the Association of Entrepreneurs of the Karaganda Region, Gulnara Kurbanbayeva, informed that on the 23rd a public hearing was held jointly with the Ministry of Health of the RK, directly by the public health committee in the national chamber of entrepreneurs with the participation of all public organizations interested in this issue.

We agree with the association of restaurateurs of the restaurant business of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this matter. In fact, the phrase forbidden fruit is sweet is appropriate here. Such prohibitions in the presence of already existing habits among the population: smoking, drinking, visiting places – end with total offenses and corrupt actions on the part of state bodies. Not to mention the fact that a business bears simply enormous costs, simply because a large number of subjects stop visiting certain facilities where it was allowed. Yes, everyone understands the harm to health from alcohol and tobacco. And this has been discussed. An absolutely normal version is offered. There should be smoking areas in all public places. This also applies to transport, airports, areas of entertainment centers and so on. But it really should be properly equipped zones. For this there is world practice. A total ban leads to absolutely the opposite result. Smoke in any unspecified places, respectively, smoke the area. This is harmful for both children and non-smoking visitors. All proposals today have been sent to the pool for amending legislative acts within the working group of the Ministry of Health, said G. Kurbanbayeva.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan