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Regions launch large-scale work for preparing and implementing PPP projects

by December 6, 2016 Health

Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev briefed at the Government meeting on the increased activity of the regions and the initiated work on the preparation and implementation of the PPP projects: there are enhanced activities of the regions and an initiated work on the preparation and implementation of PPP projects. As for today, the agreements on 27 projects 19.6 billion tenge worth have been concluded. 27 projects 68.5 billion tenge worth are under competition-related procedures. 249 projects are at the stage of concept development / concessional proposals.

According to the Minister, the most active in this regard is the East Kazakhstan region, which has signed agreements on 11 kindergartens 6.7 billion tenge worth, including 5 kindergartens in Semey with a capacity of 1,290 seats and 6 kindergartens in Ust-Kamenogorsk with a capacity of 1,640 seats. The competition for 2 hospitals worth 55 billion tenge in total is also planned.

Almaty region has signed contracts on 7 service centers projects 1.5 billion tenge worth, and announced competition on 3 kindergartens 1.9 billion tenge worth.

Aktobe region has signed contracts amounting to 9.7 billion tenge on 6 projects of constructing the Ice Palace, Ambulance Station, Ophthalmic and Dental Clinics, rental of two sports facilities.

The contracts on two kindergartens (Stepnogorsk city and Akmol village) 1.3 billion tenge worth are signed in Akmola region, under elaboration is the documentation on 50 projects 22.9 billion tenge worth on the construction and reconstruction of kindergartens, clinics, hospitals, and housing facilities.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan