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Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Recognition of Kazakhstan as a zone free from FMD opens opportunities to export agricultural products to WTO countries

by May 26, 2017 Market

May 25, 2017, Paris hosted the official ceremony on certifying Kazakhstan as a zone free from foot-and-mouth disease. This was reported by First Deputy Minister of Agriculture Kairat Aituganov at the Government press conference.

Delegates of the International Epizootic Bureau from 180 countries who took part in the meeting of the General Assembly of the International Epizootic Bureau (OIE) unanimously voted for the assignment of this status. This became possible due to the purposeful work on prevention and strict compliance with FMD control strategy in accordance with international requirements, the speaker explained.

In the post-Soviet space, Belarus and Ukraine are historically safe from foot-and-mouth disease. Russia since 2016 has the status of a country having certain FMD free regions. The rest of the CIS countries do not currently have this status.

Having this status gives our country the opportunity to export to WTO member countries the products of animal and vegetable origin that will enable to fully use the AIC export potential, and positively affect the development of foreign trade activity of domestic entrepreneurs, � Kairat Aituganov.

The speaker also recalled that China’s authorized animal health authority (GAQSIQ) in September last year lifted restrictions on FMD based on the decision of the OIE in 9 regions. The Veterinary Control Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan will continue to work with the Chinese side to lift restrictions from the five remaining regions on the basis of the newly received status.

The countries of the Persian Gulf, Iran and Israel, also based on the received status are ready to cooperate with Kazakhstan on giving permission to export livestock products from the entire territory of the Republic.

The decision of the OIE was the result of systemic changes in the country’s veterinary service under the new Agro-Industrial Complex Development State Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2017-2021 and opens new opportunities for domestic agricultural producers, – First Deputy Minister of Agriculture said.

For reference:

Foot-and-mouth disease is an OIE listed disease, which is characterized by high contagiousness, having several types, subtypes of the pathogen, having a wide range of susceptible animal species, multifaceted transmission routes. In this regard, it is obligatory to have an FMD free status for the export and import at the international level.

Veterinary Service of Kazakhstan in August 2016 officially filed a dossier to the OIE on obtaining the status of a zone free from foot-and-mouth disease with vaccination in five regions.

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan