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Saturday, September 18th, 2021

Reception classes with a unified program and elementary textbooks to appear in more than 1000 schools in 2017

by March 9, 2017 Fun

Henceforth, reception classes will study the alphabet by the book Alippe (Primer). This allows eliminating the imbalance between the levels of preparation of children coming to study in first grade. This was reported at the Government press conference by the Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiyev.

The Minister noted that with the implementation in 2016 of the unified program and a single elementary textbook in first grade, teachers began to experience some difficulties.

Today, 80% of first-graders can read fluently, 20% do not even know the letters. Because of this the whole class is forced to pass the entire program from the beginning, � Y. Sagadiyev said.

Connecting to this, a necessity arose to implement a unified program in preschools as well. It is expected that after implementing this innovation, children will come into first grade as much as possible equally prepared to study the unified school program.

Reception classes will be available to pass in both schools and kindergartens.

As for the textbook Sauat Ashu, it will be divided into two books: Alippe for reception classes and Ana Tili for first grade. There is an alternative to reception classes � distance learning. The base program and the training course have already been posted on the site

Source: Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan