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At a briefing CEO of Passenger Transportation JSC Michael Kortyum informed about the results of the first month of work and shared his plans for the further development of the railway passenger transportation sector, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy reports.

Having got started, M. Kortyum visited a number of regional enterprises. In Almaty, he familiarized with the process of preparing carriages for a run, the technology of their repair and washing, and met with the teams of the departments. During the meetings, he focused on the need to update repair and washing equipment, the development of the personnel potential of the industry.

The CEO noted that in order to achieve set results and improve the quality of passenger service, it is necessary to intensify the purchase and repair of wagons, improve the ticket sales system, actively introduce IT technologies in production, and strengthen the internal corporate culture. All of these measures are indicated on the Roadmap.

We have a strategy of quick wins even for a longer period. In the near future, two tasks have to be solved to update bedding on trains and to eliminate the problem of a shortage of wagons by the next summer season. For the long term period, tasks are set to upgrade the fleet, repair wagons, improve the operation of the information system, M. Kortyum emphasized.

The implementation of the plan will improve the efficiency of railway passenger transportation, improve the quality of service on trains.

We begin to work with new suppliers to improve the quality of service. I believe that people should travel by train with pleasure and experience a pleasant trip, Michael Kortyum said.

In addition, the company is working on updating the rolling stock. M. Kortyum said that by the end of this month 23 new Russian cars will come that fully meet all modern requirements.

We want to make Passenger Transportation JSC the most green company. I think that modern carriages should not be heated with coal, they should be environmentally friendly, with disc brakes. We are also actively working on this now, M. Kortyum informed.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050