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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Realization of the Nation’s Plan to allow agricultural producers of Kazakhstan to enter the international markets


A. Aydarbayev reported that within the framework of the Plan of the Nation, three umbrella brands were identified: Qazaq Organic Food, Halal Kazakhstan and Kaz Meat, to promote domestic agricultural products in world markets.

“In general, agricultural output has a great potential, which we do not use fully. Thanks to such umbrella brands, domestic producers will be able to use it and promote their products abroad,” A. Aidarbayev said.

He also noted that the Concept and Roadmaps for the further development and promotion of these brands have already been developed.

In addition, A. Aidarbayev reported that also within the framework of the Nation’s Plan, work is under way to attract ten TNCs to the processing sector to create new export goods.

Also, the national company Kazakh Invest with front offices in foreign countries has already been established, a draft of the National Investment Strategy has been developed, which will be presented shortly. Also, work is underway on a multi-level Investment Projects Card and information and monitoring system for investor support.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan