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Saturday, December 5th, 2020

Realization of the Nation’s Plan makes it possible to increase reliability of energy system of Kazakhstan – MNE RK


B. Dzhaksaliyev reported that during the implementation of the Plan of the Nation, amendments were made to the legislation on the electric power industry, providing for a number of innovations.

In particular, a new tariff policy will start operating, which will stimulate the attraction of investments in the industry. Also, conditions will be created for the consolidation of regional grid companies, which will improve the reliability of electricity supply, reduce the cost of electricity transmission in the regions and its cost to users.

“As we know with the liberalization and privatization of the country’s energy complex, we have many electricity transmission organizations. Today there are about 160 of them, but in fact they are engaged in the same transmission of electricity,” B. Dzhaksaliyev said.

He noted that as the mechanisms of stimulating enlargement, the release of energy transmission organizations (ETOs) from CIT and property tax will be used when taking over the ownerless electric networks, lifting the prohibitions of legislation in the sphere of natural monopolies in case of their enlargement, etc.

At the same time, organizations will be presented with requirements, including the availability of a dispatch technological control, the availability of services staffed with trained and certified personnel, the existence of contracts with the system operator for the provision of system services, and the availability of automated commercial accounting systems.

“This will reduce the amount of ETO by 30% by 2022, from 160 to 110, and increase the reliability of power supply, solve the problem of ownerless electrical networks,” B. Dzhaksaliyev said.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan