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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Readiness for flood season: 476 dangerous sections of roads taken for control – MID RK

by February 20, 2018 Key Issues

According to Zhenis Kassymbek, a 24-hour dispatching service has been organized and daily road patrols are carried out, 476 dangerous sections with a length of 316 km, 942 pipes and 101 bridges, as well as two dams in East Kazakhstan and six in Karaganda region are taken for control.

“For the timely organization of works during the flood period, the necessary construction materials and structures have been prepared. These are sand, gravel, culverts, sack tares, fuel and other equipment. Currently, there are 1014 civil defense formations of 8 thousand people and 1285 units of engineering equipment and 1000 cars,” Minister Zhenis Kassymbek said.

In order to ensure the smooth and safe movement of trains, an Action Plan for the preparation of tracks and artificial structures for the passage of ice drift and flood waters has also been identified. This action plan provides for the formation of 42 anti-washout trains consisting of 602 vans. Materials necessary for the water-fighting are being prepared: stone, cement and etc.

At all branches of Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC, the necessary stock of fuel and lubricants has been created, primarily in the most remote areas. On a regular basis, water channels are measured under 78 bridges along 11 road sections. To eliminate ice jams under bridges, the KTZh branches have concluded contracts for the production of blast hole drilling operations for breaking ice and blasting for the descent of snow avalanches.

In addition, the roadmap “A Set of Measures to Prevent and Eliminate Flood Risks for 2017-2020” provides for the implementation of the project “Construction of a railway track with the length of 23.6 km bypassing Lake Karasor in the Kokpekty – Karagaily section.”

According to the minister, the project will be completed in March 2018. In general, the completion date for the construction of this site is planned for December next year.

“The existing task forces of the Republican Transport Service, roads and bridges of civil protection (including KTZh NC, KazAvtoZhol NC and Kazakhavtodor RSE) are able to eliminate the consequences of emergency situations of the spring period and ensure travel on the railways and highways of the republican level,” Zhenis Kassymbek summed up.

For reference: Created on behalf of the Head of State, the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects will function on the basis of the Expo-UN International Center. The new center will become an ideological continuation of the heritage of the Astana Expo-2017 exhibition, and also aims at establishing strategic partnership relations between the world community in the development of green economy. Along with this, it will help attract investment in Kazakhstani projects.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan