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Rapid technological modernization of Kazakhstan’s economy is the first priority – Nazarbayev

by January 31, 2017 General

“We need to cultivate new industries, which are created with the use of digital technologies. This is an important complex task”, N. Nazarbayev said.

According to the President, it is necessary to develop in the country such promising sectors as 3D-Printing, online commerce, mobile banking, digital services, including in the health and education sectors and others.

“This industry has changed the structure of the economies of developed countries and gave a new quality to the traditional industries. In this connection it is necessary to develop and adopt a separate program “Digital Kazakhstan”. It is necessary to adapt our legislation to the new realities”, the President told.

The President also noted that it is important to ensure the development of communications, ubiquitous access to the fiber-optic infrastructure.

“The development of the digital industry will provide the impetus to all other sectors. An important condition for the formation of new industries is to support innovation and rapid introduction into production”, Nursultan Nazarbayev spoke.

In parallel with the creation of new industries it’s necessary to give the impetus to the development of traditional basic industries � it’s another complex task.

“This is industry, agriculture, transport and logistics, construction and other sectors. It is important to significantly increase the productivity. The widespread introduction of elements of the Fourth industrial revolution should be the main factor. This is automation, robotics, artificial intelligence, exchange of “big data” and others”, the Head of State said.

The President also noted the necessity to continue the industrialization with an emphasis on the development of the competitive export industries in the priority sectors.

“To activate the work in this direction it is necessary to concentrate the tools of development and promotion of exports in the same department. Exporters should be provided with the support for the principle of “one window”, including in the regions”, N. Nazarbayev said.

The President also noted in the Address that it’s necessary to study the issue of further development of the production of electric vehicles with the export orientation, by providing the necessary infrastructure.

“In general, Kazakhstan should have its own investment strategy. It is necessary to ensure the protection and promotion of national economic interests in the framework of the international cooperation. This applies, above all, the work within the EAEU, SCO, interfacing with the Economic Belt of the Silk Road. To do it it’s necessary to rebuild and strengthen the work of the economic diplomacy”, N. Nazarbayev said.

According to the Head of State, the mining and metals, oil and gas complexes of the country should retain their strategic importance for the sustainability of the economic growth.

“Great attention should be paid to expanding of the mineral resource base. It is necessary to conduct active exploration. Further development of these industries should be strictly linked to the deepening of complex processing of raw materials”, N. Nazarbayev stated.

According to the President, the agricultural sector should become a new driver of the economy.

“Agriculture of Kazakhstan has a promising future. For many items, we can be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of the agricultural exports. Especially for the production of organic food. The brand made in Kazakhstan should become the standard of such products. At the same time we have to be so-called a bread basket for the production of grain for the entire Eurasian continent. We need to shift from primary production to the production of high-quality, processed products. Only then we will be able to compete in the international markets”, N. Nazarbayev said.

The President noted that the development of the new Eurasian logistics infrastructure is an important priority. For a complete disclosure of the transport and transit potential of the country there is a necessity for the coordination with the neighboring countries.

“It is necessary to ensure the freedom of transit of goods, the establishment and modernization of transport corridors. Particular attention should be paid to the management of the transport infrastructure, improving service levels and elimination of administrative barriers”, N. Nazarbayev told.

According to the Head of State, the urbanization processes necessitates the development of the construction sector, which should become a full driver of the domestic economy.

“It is important not to forget that investing in the construction of roads, buildings and other infrastructure we define the physical and technological shape of our cities for years to come. Therefore it is important to ensure the transfer of the latest technologies in the construction and in the manufacture of building materials. To do this, we now have good opportunities”, N. Nazarbayev continued.

The Head of State noted that with the introduction of new technologies in the traditional industries manpower will be released. However, the creation and development of new industries should become an additional source of the real incomes, employment and growth.

“Our large enterprises should develop appropriate “roadmaps” with Governor’s Offices. They need to provide co-investment in retraining downsized workers and their further employment. We need to support the mobility of the processes of labor from labor-surplus regions, as well as from the villages to the cities”, N. Nazarbayev said.

According to the experts, the Address 2017 is particularly significant, because it gives the start of a new stage of modernization of the economy and society as a whole. Taking into account the need to adapt the economy to the existing conditions and challenges some changes in the economic policy are necessary. It is the third phase of modernization, which was voiced by the Head of State, is one of the strategic steps of formation of Kazakhstan on the world economy, as an independent economic and financial stability of the state.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050