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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Railways lengths extended in Kyzylorda region


According to the data of the Governor’s Office, traffic of four pairs of trains through interregional routes was established.

As well as from August 22,2014, the railway lane was put into temporary service on route Zhezkazgan-Saksaul-Beineu. After that, the length of the Kyzylorda department from the Saksaul station to the station Koskol comprised 271,3 kilometers. Along with the railway lane, three stations are being constructing, such as Karashegen, Abai, Promezhutochnaya and other 10 sidings.

In this connection, traffic of interregional train Kyzylorda-Zhezkazgan was organized, connecting the localities, which are along the railway lane with the district and region centers of Aral region.

Besides, in July 1, 2017, the solemn event on the dispatch of the first stock of passenger train Kyzylorda-Besaryk-Turkestan with the run frequency of 5 days a week (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday) was conducted.

We note that the length of the railways connection through Kyzylorda region comprises 1055 kilometers.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050