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Railways and roads of Kazakhstan placed under constant monitoring for flood period

by February 21, 2017 Health

Zh.Kassymbek reported that a plan of measures to the flood period of the year was developed and the work of flood control commissions was organized.

There are 1284 highway bridges and 14,686 culverts on the roads of republican importance. Currently,24-hour dispatch service is organized and daily patrols of highways is carried out, and 496 dangerous areas, and 967 tubes and 157 bridges are taken under special control.

According to the approved plan, the necessary building materials and construction were procured for the timely organization of work in flood period.

Currently, the work on the opening of the culvert is underway; 4257 tubes or 39% of the plan are opened for today.

42 trains consisting of 383’s cars, were formed in order to ensure smooth and safe movement of trains, timely preparation of the way, the artificial structures to skip the ice flow. 110 cars were formed to date.

There is necessary reserve of fuel and lubricants in all branches of JSC “NC” KTZ ” in the first place, in the most remote areas.

The contracts for production drilling and blasting, crushing ice and blasting operations for the descent of avalanches were concluded to eliminate ice jams under bridges .

A list of dangerous places was made. Action of Directors of the branches of JSC “NC” KTZ” was determined , a commission check of dams is carried out together with regional organizations.

Minister noted that the existing grouping of forces and means of the Republican transport services, roads and bridges of Civil Protection is ready, if necessary, to eliminate the consequences of emergencies and ensure the spring period, travel by railway and automobile roads of national importance.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan