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Delegation of JSC “NC” KTZ “headed by First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Kanat Almagambetov, visited the South Ural Railway (OOTS, Russia).

The railwaymen from Kazakhstan and Russia discussed the prospects for increasing the transit container traffic in the direction of Western Europe – Western Europe. In the context of increasing the volume of container traffic, by increasing the range of freight traffic on the Kalashnikov contact line by 2018, it increased by four couples and amounted to 17 couples per day.

During the meeting, the partners exchanged experiences and considered a number of issues: repair and maintenance of roads using modern equipment, condition of locomotive fleet, transportation management and other issues.

The results of previous meetings were also discussed. If conditional trains were guaranteed to be safely accessible from Iletsk-1 (RK) to Kinelya, it allowed to reduce the technical stay in Orenburg station from 90 to 60 minutes. At the same time, due to joint efforts the processing of container trains at Kartali interstate transshipment station reduced from 300 to 150 minutes. Large-scale management solutions were also adopted in the operational area. Thus, the work areas of locomotive brigades were increased to increase the speed of movement of container trains in OOTS.

In the accelerated mode, the traffic patterns have been developed. Implemented activities allowed to increase the average route speed chart in the existing normative table up to 1,110 km / day at the Iletsk-Kinel site up to 1230 km / day, and on the Kartaly Kinel section.

“If the trains run according to a specific schedule, then this will be reflected in the efficiency of transport. We will do our utmost for the sustainable development of China – Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Europe, “he said. Almagambetov.

Source: Kazakhstan Temir Zholy