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Quality of the road, when the roadside infrastructure is solved?


There are 96 thousand kilometers of roads in Kazakhstan, 24 thousand of them are republican roads. JSC KazAvtoJol, responsible for the quality of national roads and transit corridors, provided information on the work done and plans for the first half of 2019 on the issues of repair, reconstruction and provision of sanitary standards along the road.

NURSULTAN 19 July, 17:38

According to Ulan Alipov, Chairman of the Board of JSC National Company KazAvtoJol, 6 transit corridors in the country will be priority in the road reconstruction.

There are 6 transit corridors in Kazakhstan. They are transit corridors such as SamaraShymkent, AlmatyTashkentTermez, OmskMaikapshagai. We have to undergo six corridors, first of all, under the state program for infrastructure development Nurly Zhol. Then republican roads. Today, we can say that we have completed six transit corridors. Now, in the queue, the roads of Republican significance have already been mentioned. repair of these corridors. Today, 1400 reconstruction works are being carried out on the republic’s total length of 4400 kilometers, where 18 thousand people and about 12 thousand units of equipment are mobilized. In addition, 428 km of capital overhaul, 1415 km of average repair, and 19.6 thousand kilometers are underway. These projects include CentralSouth, CentralEast, CentralWest,

Alongside with international corridors, priority will be given to areas such as AlmatyUstKamenogorsk, UsharDostyk, BeyneuAkzhigit, KalbatauMaikapshagai, AktobeAtyrauRF border. According to him, all the projects are being organized and works are under way. Contracts are signed, preparation is underway, construction works are under way. Upon completion of works on reconstruction sites, these sites will be commissioned.

Any Kazakhstani road user can send a request

The head of the company gave feedback on the public, vacancies in the industry.

The official website of KazAvtoJol is being updated, starting from September 1, the new site will be launched. Every citizen’s opinion is very important to us. Feedback on the new site will be organized. Frequently asked questions are given online voting. The consequences of the problem raised by the majority of votes will be considered and we will proceed with the solution. Also, any citizen can refer to KazAvtoZholBoat on the Telegram social network with any suggestions, reminders, questions regarding national and automobile roads. Also, today there are 2200 workplaces and equipment and additional contractors in the construction sites. Therefore, I invite domestic contracting companies and local people to participate in these projects.

It’s worth noting that the official website of JSC NC KazAvtoJol

When will the roads be commissioned?

Ulan Alipov gave information on the roads renovated and repaired in accordance with the Nurly Zhol Infrastructure Development State Program.

According to the plan, this year we will commission 548 km of roads. We have done a lot of work to attract investment in the implementation of infrastructure projects apart from the budget. For example, an agreement was signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the EXIMBank (China) on stateguaranteed loans. At the expense of the attracted funds it is planned to allocate to TaldykorganUstKamenogorsk (2016 km), KalbatauMaikapshagai (415 km), MerkeBurylbayal (266 km), Astanawestern bypass road (34 km), KurtyBurylbayal (143 km ), the head of KazAvtoZhol said.

According to Alipov, the project CentralSouth includes TemirtauKaraganda, Karaganda. Bypass road will be completed this year with the total length of 65 km. Reconstruction of the KuraBurilbayat section of the 228kilometer section of the road will result in the movement of 120 kilometers per lane. Completion of the project on reconstruction of 363 km of KaragandaBalkhash section will end in 2021.

It is also expected that the construction and installation works will be completed in 297 km of BalkhashBurylbayal section with the construction of two sections 4 lanes and IB technical category, and construction works will be completed by 2021.

Works on the KurtyKapshagai project are planned to be started this year, and contractors are currently under construction and the preparatory work has begun.

As a result, all sections of the road between NurSultan and Almaty are covered by construction and installation, and after the completion of the renovation it is planned that this road will be the 4th lane of the Itechnical category and all the distances will be opened in 2021.

And in 2019, the CentralEast project will be commissioned 249 kilometers. In short, work on sections NurSultanPavlodar, PavlodarSemipalatinsk will be completed.

Works on the KandyashashaMakat section of the 299kilometer section of the AktobeAtyrauRussian border (Astrakhan) are expected to be completed this year, with 17 kilometers (487504 kilometers) to be commissioned, and 100 kilometers will be open for traffic. Also, the 20kilometer road traffic on the AtyrauAstrakhan section will be opened this year. Completion of the project for the remaining 217 km is scheduled for 2021. At the stage of contracting companies under the AktobeKandyagash project. Construction works have been carried out on the sections of the UjaralDostyk highway with a total length of 180 km and this year it is planned to complete the road by 2021, when the new road is 40 km long. Works on the ZhetybaiZhanaozen section will be completed this year and the construction of the UzynagashOtar section at 96 km will be completed by 2021.

I would like to emphasize that AlmatyUstKamenogorsk route will be completed in 2022 with the length of 763 km TaldykorganUstKamenogorsk. Meanwhile, construction and installation works on the MerkeBurylbasal project last for 3 years and end in 2022. Construction and mounting works are underway at the KalbatauMaikapchagai project sites. It is expected that the project will be completed in 2022, U. Alipov said.

Toll roads reduce the burden on the budget

4 paid roads across Kazakhstan Paid motor roads are included. They are NurSultanSchuchinsk, NurSultanTemirtau, AlmatyKapshagay, AlmatyKhorgos.

The main purpose of introduction of 4 paid roads in our country is to reduce the burden on the national budget. It means that the paid roads do not ask for funds from the state budget. Because they are fully paid by means of paid funds. All funds collected will be spent on maintenance of paid parking lots, road signs, snow removal , said Askhat Okasov, the director of the branch of the Directorate of Paid Roads.

Roads to Alakol are to be completed in 2019

Chairman of the Board of JSC National Company KazAvtoJol Ulan Alipov reported on the repair of the roads to Alakol, the largest tourist place in Kazakhstan.

Made in modern conditions from Almaty to Taldykorgan. Further work is under way now. UsharalDostyk highway is being repaired to Alakol from Almaty region. This year 40 km of asphalt road will be laid out from Usharal. Now there is the Taskesken route behind it. This year, we will finish the 20 km route from UstKamenogorsk to Alakol. Further, the road is ready , said the head of KazAutoZhol

In addition to road repair and reconstruction, roadside restrooms are also taken into account. For the roadside infrastructure, JSC NC KazAvtoJol in conjunction with the Motor Roads Committee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan has developed a program to install 304 Sanitary and Hygienic Networks (HLS) in 20192022. On the basis of this, it is planned to install 109 units of SGT on the republican roads, which will be reconstructed, and for the upcoming three years 116 units of GHG will be commissioned on all roads of Kazakhstan and 79 units of SGTs will be planned to be used.

According to JSC KazAvtoJol, during the last 10 years 9 thousand kilometers of roads of republican value were reconstructed in the road sector, which resulted in a 21% improvement in the road condition, and the bad roads decreased from 40% to 12%. In accordance with the State Program for Development of Infrastructure Nurly Zhol in the republic, there are 1400 reconstruction projects in the total length of 4,400 kilometers, where 18,000 people and about 12,000 units of equipment are involved. In addition, 428 kilometers of major overhaul, 1415 kilometers of average repair, and 19.6 thousand kilometers are underway.

Source: Kazakhtan 2050