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Qualified nurses with strong practical base to be trained in framework of new nursing model

by September 28, 2018 Market

A pilot project started on the basis of 31 medical organizations � clinical bases of higher medical colleges in seven regions of Kazakhstan (multidisciplinary adults and children’s hospitals, polyclinics, perinatal centers).

“The essence of the new model is that nurses should be more prepared to manage specific patients in a practical sense, that is, they will be able to make decisions that were traditionally taken by doctors while providing care for the most common diseases, such as blood pressure, hypertension and others,” Birtanov said.

Within the framework of this project, the principles and methodological bases for the introduction of a new model of nursing service will be developed: the organizational structure and requirements for the staffing schedule, the functionality of applied bachelors and nurses of general practice will be reviewed, mechanisms for charging new nursing services, etc. will be developed.

The minister noted that in general, the training of mid-level personnel in Kazakhstan is carried out in 76 educational institutions.

In addition, to improve the quality of nurses’ training, the Ministry of Healthcare plans to introduce a mandatory external assessment of the knowledge of college students during and after school. If the results are unsatisfactory, the graduates are not given the access to work or these colleges are deprived of licenses.

“We are introducing such a mechanism. The bill is in Parliament. Starting next year, we will start to strictly control the quality of training of nurses,” the minister said.

At the same time, the whole system of nursing service is planned to be gradually transferred to the European model. Work in this direction was launched in 2014 jointly with the Federation of Universities of Applied Sciences of Finland. In 2018 there were the first 140 graduates in the specialty “Nursing” with the qualification “Applied Bachelor of Nursing.” Each year this number will increase. Also, the number of educational institutions accredited for this program is increasing.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan