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Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

PWS will teach startups to draw up their projects – from the birth of an idea to its financing

by February 8, 2019 Market

As part of the MeniArmany project, the MES launches a cycle of four stages of a startup across Kazakhstan: from the birth of an idea to financing.

We conducted trainings all over Kazakhstan: how to form ideas, how to select them and make these ideas more or less viable. Then we conducted the second stage in Astana, people showed how these ideas work and how they translate into prototypes. Of these, we selected the most capable. Already those organizations that have shown themselves in the market presented everything as it is. In the final 5 prototypes received direct investment. Sold their shares. The rest can easily get loans, said Aryn Orsariyev.

Reasoning on this topic, he stressed that we want our citizens to become as advanced as possible. Of course, we are dreaming that as many millionaires as possible – at least tenge – will leave Kazakhstan. The more people of this kind will be, the stronger our society will be. At the same time, he noted that this is not just entrepreneurship, but – startup. By the way, a start-up grows faster, Aryn Orsariyev is convinced.

In his opinion, in order to promote just entrepreneurship, it is necessary to go through 4 important stages. First: come up with an idea that drives everything. The second stage is the creation of a prototype. Then there is testing by the market – you need to check it, people need it or not. It is important to make this prototype find its target audience, its customers. And, of course, in order to move further – financial resources are needed. Therefore, after the ideaton, proton, marketon there is a quadruple stage – fineton.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan