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Public Recognition Award “Amanat” started in Kazakhstan

by May 30, 2017 Health

“Amanat” Public Recognition Award was created in support of the ideas of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to preserve the national identity, culture and traditions, the unity of the people of Kazakhstan in the context of modernization of public conscience. “Amanat” Award will be encouraged by Kazakhstanis who have made a special contribution to the social and cultural life of the country,” Honorary Ambassador of the Amanat Award Yrza Tursynzada noted.

Within the framework of “Amanat” Award, activities to support the “Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan” program began in the region. To this event, according to the Ministry, a trip of prominent public figures of the republic is timed to the historical places of Mangystau region – the monuments of Ogland, Beket-ata, etc. The purpose of the visit is visualization of the connection of generations through the recognition and preservation of historical cultural and national values.

During the field trip to historical places, a shooting of a publicist film about Beket-Ata and sights of Mangystau region aimed at renewed understanding of its image, design of the interior style of Beket-ata Mausoleum with the participation of artisans from all corners of Kazakhstan, who passed master classes initiated by Public Foundation “Adamdardyn eleul? zhetistikteri”.

Following the results of the outreach activities, the sessions “Amanat. Basis for development” in Mangystau region: charitable master classes for craftsmen of the region, extended press conference and holding sessions “Amanat”, “Sustainable business – sustainable economy – sustainable development”, youth patriotic session will be held.

At the regional stage, 7 nominees will be selected for the “Amanat” Award from Mangystau region, from which the winner and participant of the republican tour will be determined.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050