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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Productive employment and entrepreneurship development seminar holds in EK


According to the message of the organizers, the aim of the seminar is to explain the types of interaction of the structures, the ministries, which take part in the realization of the Program.

Besides, the matters on the provision of the workers of the employment service, microfinancing of the organizations using more efficient ways of work with the population, with the organizations and employers to provide quality improvement and potential improvement of labor resources by the means of demanded professional skills and qualifications in the labor market, as well as to develop massive entrepreneurship and to create an effective model of labor mediation were discussed.

During the seminar, such issues as The training of specialists with technical and professional education taking into account the demands of the labor market, Short-term professional training of the working staff taking into account the demanded professions and skills in the labor market will be discussed.

The mechanism to provide microcredits for the members of the program in the rural localities and in towns, the order of guaranteeing, the provision of microcredits will be explained as well.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050