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by September 12, 2019 Market

The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan, the Union of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan with the support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The topic of this year’s forum is “Machine-building – Drivers of Kazakhstan’s industrialization!”.

The Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mr. Roman Sklyar, welcomed the opening of the first day of the forum and welcomed the guests. Today, mechanical engineering is one of the most technologically advanced and most difficult sectors of the industry, and its development is focused on the sustainability of agro-industrial, energy, metallurgical, transport and other key sectors of the economy.

“In the years since the Industrialization Program, 114 projects have been implemented in the field of mechanical engineering, at that time we have been able to produce new types of products, including the construction of automobile and railway machinery from scratch, agriculture, electrotechnical, mining and oil and gas engineering have been significantly modernized and strengthened thanks to the government’s successful industrial policy, the government has set up VAT preferences, concessional lending and leasing programs, as well as stimulating the industry as a whole, promoting the implementation of the Promotion Program, “the Minister said.

According to Roman Sklyar, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in the machine-building industry. For the first time in 2018 the volume of mechanical engineering production will reach 1 trillion cubic meters. tenge. In 2019, growth rates were high. Thus, according to the results of seven months the production volume amounted to 661 billion tenge.

The largest dynamics of growth among smaller branches of machine building industry was reflected in car industry. At present, the production of all MACs in Kazakhstan is underway. There are 167 car models in the country, including 22 world brands of 39 passenger cars.

During the two years, the automobile industry became one of Kazakhstan’s engineering industry drivers. Cross-site assembly (DKD) assembly has been completed. For example, technological operations on welding and painting of canisters were introduced. Since 2010 the volume of production has grown 8 times. The share of automotive industry in total mechanical engineering reached 19.2% compared to 4% in 2010.

It is also worth mentioning the sector of electrotechnical engineering, characterized by more stable production dynamics and deeper isolation, compared to other sectors of engineering.

Domestic enterprises of railway, agricultural, mining and oil and gas industries of Kazakhstan produce various equipments for electric locomotives, locomotives, wagons, rolling wheels, tractors, combines, agricultural machinery, oil service companies and subsoil users. These industries are characterized by the use of robotic welding complexes in production

In order to further the development of the industry, the Roadmap provides for concrete measures to support machine-building enterprises and a number of tasks that need to be addressed.

Not less than 1000 delegates, heads of leading Kazakhstani and foreign engineering enterprises, central government agencies, quasi-public sector, development institutions, business associations and major machine building manufacturers are expected to take part in the VII Forum of Mechanical Engineers of Kazakhstan. In addition, the specialized machinery exhibition will be held at the forum

Source:Kazakhtan 2050