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Prime Minister Askar Mamin holds a meeting with Chair of the Board of Nokia Risto Siilasmaa


During the meeting, modern trends in digitalization were discussed and prospects for the implementation of joint projects under the Digital Kazakhstan state program were considered. The parties paid special attention to building up mutually beneficial cooperation in the development of the telecommunications market. The topic of discussion was the development of the fifth generation Communications Network with the analysis of big data and the Internet of Things to create infrastructure services and new business opportunities.

Head of the Government of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin expressed his intention to expand the telecommunications market and introduce 5G technologies, for which a pilot project was launched in a number of cities in Kazakhstan. Today, the communication network of the “fifth generation” is tested in Nur-Sultan, Almaty, Shymkent cities, Akmola and Almaty regions.

Following the meeting, a presentation of 5G technologies developed by Kazakhtelecom JSC together with Nokia was held. Prime Minister Askar Mamin examined the equipment and quality performance of the network. The introduction of a new network will significantly increase the speed of data transmission, which will allow developing intelligent transport systems, expanding the possibilities of using industrial robots in large production companies, logistics, etc.

The stand is the first implementation of 5G technology in Kazakhstan. In general, the forum participants were given the opportunity to test new-generation technologies and evaluate the practical possibilities of using the fifth-generation mobile communications, including high-speed access, ultra-low network latency, remote control of the object with high response accuracy, etc.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan