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Sunday, September 20th, 2020

PRESS RELEASE on publication of the book “Participatory Budgeting World Atlas 2019”

by November 1, 2019 Market

The introduction of “Participatory Budgeting” together with the further development of the “civil budget” makes it possible to ensure the openness of budget process and involvement of population in the process of allocating budget funds.

“Participatory Budgeting” has a long history of development. It appeared first in the late eighties in Brazil. Appearance of “Participatory Budgeting” was a response to the need for citizens and authorities’ team work in solving urban problems.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance, in developing the methodological framework of the “Participatory Budgeting”, interacts with international organizations and expert practitioners with successful implementation results in their countries.

According to the results of the work carried out by the Ministry of Finance, the international community for the first time included information on Kazakhstan as a part of 71 countries in the international “Participatory Budgeting World Atlas 2019.

Source: Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan