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Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan signed number of bilateral documents

by March 23, 2017 Fun

During the talks, the sides exchanged views on current issues on the current agenda, as well as discussed strategic directions on development of bilateral cooperation.

“Your first state visit as the President goes on during the celebration of Nauryz and on the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between our states. Kazakhstan is ready to create all conditions for the visit of the delegation from Uzbekistan to be productive”, – the Head of State said.

The President of Kazakhstan emphasized that for quarter of the century of cooperation, 100 agreements in various spheres were signed, of which the Contract on eternal friendship and the Contract on strategic partnership are key ones.

N. Nazarbayev separately noted the contribution of the first President of Uzbekistan, I. Karimov to strengthening relations between two countries.

“The common history, language and traditions, the neighborhood of our peoples predetermined the close Kazakh-Uzbek interaction in the cultural and humanitarian sphere. Diasporas living in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan attach special importance to our relations. They are a “living bridge” between our countries. Our policy of deepening friendship and cooperation with your country remains unchanged”, -the President of Kazakhstan noted.

The Head of State called trade and economic cooperation between Astana and Tashkent a core of bilateral relations. N.Nazarbayev stressed that despite a 9% decline in the market prices in 2016, in physical terms, trade between the countries increased by 16%.

“To date, there about 800 active enterprises with participation of the Uzbek capital are represented in Kazakhstan. These hours a business forum takes place in Astana, where 250 businessmen from each side participate. As a result, it is planned to adopt a package of about 75 commercial contracts”, – the President of Kazakhstan said.

The Head of State noted that since the previous meeting with S. Mirziyoyev in Samarkand, bilateral contacts in the spheres of industry, business, energy, transport, as well as space and tourism industries have significantly intensified.

At the same time, N. Nazarbayev emphasized the implementation of transit and transport cooperation, including the launch of Astana-Tashkent high-speed rail service, as well as new air and bus flights.

In conclusion of a performance, the Head of State thanked S. Mirziyoyev for making a decision on full-scale participation of Uzbekistan in the world exhibition EXPO-2017, expressing confidence that this will allow demonstrating the best achievements of the Republic of Uzbekistan to the whole world.

In turn, Sh. Mirziyoyev expressed gratitude to the Government of Kazakhstan for confidential negotiations, which create the basis for the development of interstate relations.

“We regard this visit as an extension of an open dialogue that took place in Samarkand. Today’s business forum is an indicator of serious intentions of the Uzbek side in the development of trade and economic relations”, – the President of Uzbekistan said.

The President of Uzbekistan emphasized the role of N. Nazarbayev in strengthening the friendship of the peoples of two states. Sh. Mirziyoyev also noted the importance of establishing inter-parliamentary and inter-regional contacts.

At the end of the meeting, the heads of two states gave a joint briefing for representatives of mass media.

Following the meeting of the presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the following documents were signed:

– Joint declaration on further deepening of strategic partnership and strengthening of good-neighborliness between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan;

– Agreement between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on interregional cooperation;

– Strategy of economic cooperation between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for 2017-2019;

– Protocol on amendments and additions in the Agreement between the Governments of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan on the avoidance of double taxation of income and property;

– Protocol on amendments and additions in the Agreement between the Governments of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on International Automobile Lines dated March 20, 2006;

– Program of cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for 2017-2018;

– Agreement between the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan on military cooperation.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050