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President of Kazakhstan set the priorities very correctly – D. Stupin

by May 19, 2018 Fun

“If you take Russia, Kazakhstan, the CIS or the majority of other countries, you shouldn’t forget that this is not a fast process. There is not enough education for a quick transition. Against this background, there is an outflow of population from single-industry cities to central cities. As a result, there is a skew: large cities are crowded, and the standard of living in single-industry towns remains low,” the expert said.

In addition, according to him, low level of education is typical for these cities. Today, specialists in the field of digitalization, modern technologies are located in the central cities. In monocities, in general, there is no program to improve the qualifications of the teachers themselves, if we consider the problem from the position of digitalization.

“In my opinion, first of all, it is necessary to raise the educational level of both public servants and university professors. Only by introducing this educational program, we will clearly indicate the terms of its implementation,” D. Stupin said.

Another important issue was touched upon by the Head of Kazakhstan in his speech � overpopulation of the planet. It should be noted that today the population of the planet is growing at a rapid pace. The main issue for the government is unemployment.

“At the same time, when passing from a traditional to a digital economy, the state can suffer serious damage. What is the reason for this? New blockchain technologies, undoubtedly, allow solving many problems. But they just as much affect the development process. If we turn to blockchain technologies and at the same time choose the direction incorrectly, this can become the most dangerous direction in the development of mankind,” the expert said.

According to him, today we understand that in the near future the digital economy will increasingly replace people working offline. People will be creators and will receive some reward for their actions.

“A lot of people are talking about unemployment today. In my opinion, it will not happen by itself. As the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan say, if a person wants to live well, he will always find a place. I am fully convinced and support this.

The President of Kazakhstan announced the main directions, to which every state that wants to succeed, aspires,” added D. Stupin.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan