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President: Kazakhstanis’ number to amount to 18 mln people as of July 1

by June 23, 2017 Fun

“During the famine period many Kazakhs were forced to move to neighboring countries. During the years of independence, we did not forget to support our relatives from distant lands. From the very first days I raised this issue. More than one million Kazakhstanis moved to their homeland. Every year, 350 thousand of our compatriots moved, especially the youth moved”, the President said.

As the Head of State said, in 1991, when the independence was declared, the share of Kazakhs was only 40% of the population of Kazakhstan.

“When I was elected, we were afraid to think how many percent of the votes we would get. Now the share of Kazakhs is more than 70%. At the time of gaining independence, there were about 17 million Kazakhstanis. In the early years, Koreans, Greeks, Jews were resettled, we created an international country in an artificial way. And, of course, they moved to their homeland after the 90s. Praise to the God that over the years we have kept the number of Kazakhstanis. Annually more than 400 thousand children are born in Kazakhstan. I declare that as of July 1 the number of Kazakhstanis is already 18 million people”, the Head of State said.

We remind that today V World Kurultay of Kazakhs has been started.

Source: Kazakhstan 2050