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Monday, November 30th, 2020


by January 31, 2019 Health

On February 4, 2019 there will be an autonomous cleaning robot for commercial and industrial facilities and large spaces cleaning at the International Airport of Astana (1 Terminal). The project was launched by Tech Garden’s own cluster fund portfolio startup – LLP “Autonomous Technology Kz” – participating in the startup Kazakhstan acceleration. Startup Kazakhstan is implemented by Tech Garden with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

During the presentation guests and journalists can see how electronic cleaners work.

A fully standalone appliance moves across the floor without interfering with human interference, bypassing people, walls, and other obstacles in the floor washing process. In addition, the robot cleans in the inner box to save water and reuse it. Because of the introduction of artificial intelligence, several robots interact effectively in one room without interfering with each other. If necessary, the machine will automatically go to the base for battery and water replacement.

“By participating in the three-month acceleration offered by Tech Garden, we first got the necessary training and reached our robot ready for production. Second, we found the first major customer company in Kazakhstan. The first robots will be launched at the international airport of Nursultan Nazarbayev in Astana, – says the author of the project Nikolay Potapov.

Currently, this start-up carrier negotiates with Kazakhstani companies about 100 robots, negotiating the delivery of 500 more robots to Russian companies. Cost of one robot – 2.5 million tenge. The technological characteristics of this robot are identical, even higher, to existing analogues, and the price is several times cheaper. At present Kazakhstan is developing the problem of creation of full-fledged industrial production of these robots.

“We see important results of the Startup Kazakhstan program, which is being implemented by the Fund within the framework of the tasks set by the President. Our main goal is to create a critical set of hi-tech companies in Kazakhstan by supporting domestic startups and attracting foreign startups. With the support of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a full-fledged ecosystem has been established around the Tech Garden cluster and the effective flow of startups from the CIS countries has been established. Today, thanks to the startup Kazakhstan program, we are hoping to see the launch of a new start-up startup as a high-tech Kazakhstani company. This company is registered in Kazakhstan, paying taxes and participating fully in the country’s economy, “said Sanjar Kettelekov, Director General of the Tech Garden self-service cluster fund.

Tech Garden private gymnasium (Tech Garden) – works under the 63rd step of the State Program “Ultzhospary – 100 real steps”; Strengthening scientific and technical base of research institutes with leading universities in Almaty; to establish competence in the key sectors of the national economy and to establish new industries and to establish industrial technology centers, which are partners with transnational corporations; Provides full cycle support to technology companies; is launching the international startup program Startup Kazakhstan aimed at the development of domestic startups and attracting international start-ups to Kazakhstan in order to enhance the critical set of hi-tech and export-oriented companies.

Source: Ministry of investments and Developments