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Preliminary study of draftees began in Kazakhstan

by January 10, 2019 General

A preliminary study of conscripts to be called up for military service in the spring of 2019 began in all local military authorities (MOVU).

Local military authorities carry out an appeal to the Armed Forces, other troops and military formations of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the study of citizens to be called up in the spring of this year, in addition to representatives of the MEA, officials of the relevant law enforcement agencies also take part.

“The medical commission includes the most qualified medical specialists who are trained in military medical expertise: a surgeon, a therapist, a neurologist, a psychiatrist, an eye specialist, an otorhinolaryngologist, a dermatovenereologist, a dentist. officials responsible for the study with each recruit and his parents (guardians) with filling in the study sheets. A preliminary study allows you to determine the qualities at an early stage . Nny composition of recruits ready for military service in the various services and arms of the troops also during the study takes into account existing specialty recruits received prior to the call, “- noted in grafting a press release of the Ministry of Defense of Kazakhstan Respulbliki.

It is noted that from the moment of registration to the recruiting stations and until they are drafted into the army, local military authorities systematically study citizens who are called up for military service.

Source: Central Communications Service of the Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan