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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Preliminary forecast of water content of Kazakhstan’s rivers for flood period is prepared

by February 21, 2017 Legal

According to K.Bozumbayev, 307 hydrological stations, 339 meteorological stations and posts, 2 avalanche research stations are monitoring the operational hydrometeorological information. In the event of sudden changes at inwater bodies, all hydrological stations are switching to more frequent monitoring – every 4 hours.

The preliminary forecast of the water content of the rivers of Kazakhstan for the period of high water was prepared and sent to the concerned authorities. The main forecast for the flood period will be made in early March 2017.

According to Minister, water content of rivers in Akmola and North Kazakhstan regions (Yesil, Silety, Shagalaly, Zhabai, Kalkutan) during the flood period is expected to be 30-50% more than normal, possibly exceeding the dangerous marks of water levels, flooding and flooding.

The flow of water in Kostanai region to a cascade of reservoirs on Tobol river is expected to be 15-20% more than the norm. Due to the significant moisture accumulation in the mountains of the country, the water content of most of the rivers of South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl, Almaty and East Kazakhstan regions (Arys, Keles, Teris, Kuragaty, Sharyn. Kurta, Tekes, Cox, Bowl, Western Altai river EKR and others) is expected to be 15-40% higher than normal during the spring-summer period. Water content of Urdzhar and Kokterek rivers (Semipalatinsk region of East Kazakhstan region, the influx of Alakol lake) is expected 30-50% higher than normal.

A survey grid of objects exposed to meltwater was organized in order to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of power plants and electrical networks during the spring flood in 2017; existing efflux mechanisms, trained, mobile backup power sources are shown in a state of readiness, has assured K. Bozumbayev.

Source: The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan